Tuesday, September 18, 2012

REVOLUTION: Yah or nah?

NBC aired the pilot of JJ Abrams' latest foray, Revolution. There were some definite shout outs to LOST lovers, not the least of which was the lovely Elizabeth Mitchell. There was also a hatch-like computer, an airplane graveyard (was anyone else looking for an Oceanic or Ajira logo?), smoke-monster sounds when the lights first went out, and the area inside The Grand looked very similar to the area beneath the Temple (complete with a fire pit and columns).

Casting is great and the story is definitely interesting so far (though admittedly, I would have liked to see more of the trek to Chicago). My personal thought is that Juliet Rachel isn't really dead. It seemed like Elizabeth Mitchell was made to look younger, which would not have been necessary if they were only using her in flashback. What do YOU think?


Miss Kim said...

I liked it. A little silly with the sword fighting/fight scenes. What's up with the wardrobes? It seems like an Old Navy truck filled with Henleys lost power in the neighborhood and that's the only shirts the men have to wear. Except for the dude with the AC/DC shirt.....OK--there were lots of silly little things that bugged me, but overall I liked it and will watch again. Hopefully a little less cheese will be served in the next episode!

Petra said...

Ooh now I didn't pay attention to the clothes, but you are right!

I watched it again with my kids (we previewed the first episode without them to make sure it was appropriate). This time, all I did was compare it to LOST!

Characters: Charlie (Charlotte), Ben, Miles, Ben, Aaron, Rachel

Charlie is this show's Kate.
Miles is this show's Sayid.
Aaron is this show's Hurley.

This show needs a Sawyer.

Looking forward to next week!

: ) P

Shelley said...

i liked it! i love that you're already making LOST comparisons! now that you mention it, i would've liked more trekking too.
i'll keep watching.

Shelley said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish there had been more of the trek to Chicago too - mostly because for a girl who asked her dad "there are other cities like ours, aren't there?" I thought she seemed a bit uncurious about her trip or of Chicago.

There are some characters who really are interesting at this point - Nate (? is that his name), the black lady at the house, step-mom. Who are they really? ~Rita

Shelley said...

I think it exposed a little more potential mysteries than LOST did in its pilot. I LOVE the pilot of LOST, but it was really just doing some character development and letting us wonder if they're gonna get rescued. Hopefully Revolution will go back to these little carrots they've dangled at us.

Miss Kim said...

@ PJ "This show needs a Sawyer."

EVERY show needs a Sawyer!

Miss Kim said...

So.......kinda disappointed in this episode. It seemed a lot like the first show. Heavy fighting scenes with a great cliffhanger at the end. I love the concept of this show but it's not doin' much for me after last night.

Matt Hammer said...

Seems as though dead dad and not dead brother knew of a revolution that was starting BEFORE the power outage. Also seems that the power outage was created by said revolutionaries (who are obviously opposed to technology taking over our world). "Juliet" also knew of the revolution and is being held for her knowledge. Trying to figure out the true loyalties is very LOST-like.