Thursday, August 21, 2008

85 Days Out
If we were on the island...

Hurley found a van! A beat up old volkswagon van! Filled with a skeleton and really old DHARMA beer. There are way too many weird things on this island.

So just when we were all feeling better about things, because Kate and Sawyer were back, they're gone again. They took Sayid and Rousseau with them to try to rescue Jack from the Others' encampment. Apparently, the Others have houses with running water and electricity over there. Man, what I would give for a hot shower and a blanket bigger than the Oceanic airplane blankets we've been putting up with.

Claire saw some migratory birds and had a great idea! Since the birds are tagged, someone must be studying them. She suggested we catch one and tie a message to its leg. With help from Sun, Jin and Charlie, they were able to do it. Of course, they just wrote on a normal piece of paper, and we're talking about water birds, so I am not sure how likely it will be that anyone will see the message.

Nikki and Paulo are dead. There was some big mystery surrounding their deaths since there wasn't any sign of injury. At the funeral, Sawyer sprinkled some diamonds on their bodies before they buried them. Okay, that was weird. I mean, wouldn't they be worth a LOT when we finally get off this island?

Kate, Sayid and Jack returned! This time Locke is missing. It seems he chose to go with Ben's group instead of returning to us. They brought one of the Others with them. Apparently, her name is Juliet and she is a fertility doctor (which I guess is good for Sun) and Jack says we can trust her. I am not so sure, yet. I mean she was one of the ones who had Sawyer and Kate trapped in cages!

I overheard Kate and Sayid talking. It seems that while they were looking for Jack, they found another station, where there was all kinds of communication equipment. Only Locke blew it up.

They also said something about a submarine and how Ben promised Jack and Juliet they could go home (Jack operated on Ben and saved his life I think). Only Locke blew that up, too.

(It is probably just as well Locke didn't return. I am pretty sure that a lot of people would have put him on the chopping block for messing up our chances of being rescued.)

But just when everyone thought we were all safe and together, Hurley, Desmond, Charlie and Jin went off on some mysterious "camping" trip. I don't know why these folks all go LOOKING for trouble!

: ) P

Monday, August 4, 2008

75 Days Out
If we were on the island...

Remember how I said that Michael, Walt, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Sayid, Eko, Locke and Desmond are all missing? That means a lot of people were gone, but Sayid, Sun and Jin returned. They haven't said much about what happened while they were gone, but they all seemed pretty shook up.

Then Hurley showed up. He said that Ben and the Others captured them and that it was all part of a plan that Michael was pulling off! He said that it was MICHAEL who killed Libby and Ana-Lucia and let Henry escape! Only his name isn't Henry! It's Ben. Benjamin Linus. I can't even believe it. So Michael made a deal with the Others... they let Walt and Michael go and gave them a boat, in exchange for bringing Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley to them. Hurley said that they put bags over their heads and took Jack, Kate and Sawyer somewhere else, but told him to go back to his camp and warn everyone to stay away.

On the way back to our camp, Hurley found Desmond (he was naked!) and since the hatch blew up, Desmond has been having what he calls "flashes" where he can see flashes of the future!

Then Locke showed up, but for a while he couldn't talk. He made Charlie stand outside a tent and then took off into the jungle. Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo (two people who suddenly started trying to get into the inner circle - maybe they think because Jack and Kate are missing, they can take their places) went with Locke to look for Eko and find another hatch, with the hopes of communicating with the Others. Instead, they said they found Eko dead, but I overheard Locke say something about the "island" killing him. Maybe they mean the smoke monster!

Finally, Kate and Sawyer have returned. But they came without Jack! They said he is still alive, but haven't told us much about what happened to them, but I sure hope they do soon. We're all feeling worried!

: ) P