Wednesday, June 25, 2008

40 Days Out*
If we were on the island...

Michael and Jin, along with a few others, are rebuilding the raft. Michael thought it would be good to have some kind distress signal, but there is no power for it even if Sayid could build it. Then someone remembered that the crazy French woman, who held Sayid hostage, had batteries. Hurley went looking for her after he found one of her papers with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 written on it over and over again. Charlie, Sayid and Jack all went after him and Hurley somehow managed to come back with a battery!

Sawyer keeps getting headaches and Jack determined he just needs glasses, which were made with Sayid's help. He LOOKS goofy, but at least it doesn't hurt him to read any more!

Then a terrible thing happened! Locke came back from one of his long days missing, with Boone over his shoulder! Boone was hurt really badly and despite Jacks herculean efforts, (including a blood transfusion from his OWN arm!) Boone died. Locke said he fell from a cliff, but Boone kept muttering about a plane and a hatch. He was pretty out of it, but Jack must not believe Locke's story, because after Boone died, he went out looking for Locke.

This death has overshadowed our tiny bit of wonderful news, though. Claire had her baby! He is a darling, tiny, apparently healthy, baby boy, which Kate delivered in the middle of the jungle (Jack was mid-blood transfusion, and couldn't be there to help).

: ) P

(Note - *Even though I partly disagree with the timeline in Lostpedia, I will write to what is generally accepted as correct there and go with the idea that we've been on the island about 40 days.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

25 Days Out
If we were on the island...

We are now on day 25 of our exile from regular episodes of LOST. If we were really on the island, here is what would have happened in the last ten days:

Claire is BACK! She just wandered out of the jungle, disoriented, but safe. She doesn't remember anything since the crash, so we have no idea what happened to her or where she was. Sawyer, Locke, Jack, Sayid and Kate caught Ethan, but not until after he killed Scott (or was it Steve?). They intended to bring him back and interrogate him, but Charlie found a gun and shot him instead.

Michael started building a raft with found items from the wreckage and bamboo and vines. It looked pretty good, until somebody torched it. Everyone thought it was Jin, since he and Michael have had a very contentious relationship. But then we were all shocked when Sun cried out for the fighting to stop, in ENGLISH! Even Jin was surprised. Then Locke came and said something important: "Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home? We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we're ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn't here, it's there. They've attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us. Maybe it's time we stop blaming us and start worrying about them. We're not the only people on this island and we all know it."

We've all been pretty good at forgetting about what's out there. Monsters, polar bears, the French Woman, other people. Oh, and there is a boar which Sawyer swears is out to get him. He and Kate tracked the boar, but Sawyer didn't kill it. I think there's a big ole softie under that gruff exterior.

: ) P

(Note: This timeline does not completely match the one found on LOSTpedia, but reflects the bulk of the information found in the episodes which seem to take place during this time period.)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fifteen Days Out
If we were on the island...

We're now on day fifteen of the exile from regular episodes of LOST. If we were REALLY on the island, here's what would have happened in the last five days:

After Sayid tortured Sawyer (all for naught, since he didn't have Shannon's inhalers after all), he left. He told us he was going to map the island, but I really think he just couldn't face us after such cruelty. When he returned, he told us he met up with the French woman, Danielle Rousseau - the one that left the SOS message sixteen years ago! It sounds like the woman is so far out in left field, she's selling hot dogs. Actually, Sayid's not exactly in the ball park either... he said he heard whispers in the jungle!

He stole some weird maps from Rousseau's shelter before he escaped. They are all in French, so he's enlisted Shannon to help translate. I don't know how much work they're getting done, though. They're kind of flirting. He's been out in the jungle checking out the maps and can't seem to make sense of them. Locke gave him a compass, but I overheard him say that the compass doesn't work. He said a minor magnetic anomaly might explain a variance of two or three degrees, but it looked like the compass was off by about 40°!

Hurley, the big guy with a great sense of humor, started taking a census, to take note of everyone that was on the plane. He's funny, that guy, really down to earth.

There's been a VERY strange turn of the tides. Everything is getting washed out to sea. This can't be normal. The tide shifting so suddenly, rising in so short a time. We've had to move camp further up the beach. Things are just plain ODD on this island.

Then something AWFUL happened! Claire and Charlie were kidnapped by this guy Ethan, whom Hurley determined was NOT ON THE PLANE! Locke, Boone, Jack and Kate went looking for them and eventually Kate and Jack found Charlie had been hanged in a tree. He was DEAD. Jack somehow managed to save him, but I don't know how. He's been very quiet. Claire is still missing and we are all afraid of what is out there.

Still, Locke and Boone are gone all day, from sunrise to sundown. They say they are hunting boar, but they never come back with any. That John Locke is an intense guy, but everyone seems to trust him.

There's never a dull day on this island. We'll see what happens in the next few days!

: ) P

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ten Days Out
If we were on the island...

We're now on day ten of the exile from regular episodes of LOST. Surprisingly, I am handling it better than I thought I would. Thursday, in the late hours of the night, were a little touch-and-go, but over all, manageable.

If we were REALLY on the island, here's what would have happened in the last ten days:

The plane crashed, many perished.

Our defacto leader, Jack Shephard, a doctor from California, took Kate (very pretty) and Charlie (very shady) to look for the cockpit and a transceiver. They found the transceiver, but also found we were more than one thousand miles off course when the plane crashed.

The handsome Iraqi man, Sayid, who seems to be a whiz with anything electrical, thought he could get a stronger signal on a higher altitude. He took Kate, Charlie, and siblings, Boone and Shannon into the jungle. Sawyer tagged along, which was a good thing since he was the one who shot the polar bear (YES, polar bear!) that was chasing them!

They heard a mobius loop distress signal left by a French woman more than sixteen years ago which talks about people dying and needing rescue. It all sounds very spooky.

There've been a few deaths since the initial crash. The pilot of the plane died. Then a girl named Joanna drowned. Then the Marshal from the plane was put out of his misery. That Sawyer is a scary guy, we'll have to watch out for him. We almost lost Jack and Charlie when they got caught in a cave in.

There have been a lot of nasty fights: Jin, the angry Korean man, attacked Michael out of the blue! That was really odd. Sawyer beat Boone up. Jack and Sayid tortured Sawyer.

A lot has transpired in the last ten days... we'll see what happens next!

: ) P

Sunday, June 1, 2008

of Lists

We're now three days out from the best three hours ever on television. Yeah, I know some people think Roots was better. I wasn't old enough to appreciate it back then.

I'm rewatching LOST from the very beginning now... and dragging my no-longer-reluctant love along with me on the ride this time. It is kind of nice to watch it KNOWING what I know, as well as through brand new eyes at the same time.

So far, we've only watched the two hours of the pilot. Nothing particularly revealing thus far. Hairstyles are a bit different, Sayid's accent is a bit odd, and it is funny to watch Yunjin Kim's Sun KNOWING that she speaks English. I wonder if Yunjin knew her character spoke English then, because she really pulls off the confused look when anyone other than Jin is speaking.

The only other even mild revelation is that Jorge Garcia's Hurley HAS lost quite a BIT of weight. Yes, he is still very big, but in the pilot, he is considerably bigger.

Ah the lists... we have Jacob's list, Bea Klugh's list, Ben's List, and Michael's List, and now, this list of lists. So much to ponder. Good thing we have six months left to do so (not).

: ) P