Thursday, December 18, 2008

100 Days Out...
If we were on the island

While Jack was on the phone with the guy from the freighter, the previously-thought-dead Naomi wandered off. The rest of us headed back to the beach while Kate, Jack and Rousseau (with Ben in tow) went looking for Naomi.

But I nearly forgot the most exciting part! Hurley rescued the people at the beach! I guess that only two of the traps went off and Sayid, Jin and Bernard were taken captive by some of the others. Juliet and Sawyer doubled back to see if they could help, as did Hurley. Hurley saved the day! He ran that crazy old VW bus right over one of the Others and that gave Sayid the chance he needed to get the rest. Hooray for Hurley!

On the way back to the beach, we met up with everyone else. Funny how on this great big island, we all, every one of us, ended up in the same place - right near the wreckage of the cockpit. Jack wanted everyone to get to the beach to be rescued. Locke was still acting crazy saying that we needed to avoid the people on the freighter (if he could give us just ONE concrete reason WHY maybe I wouldn't think he was so crazy!). In the end, we split into two groups. One was going back to the barracks with Locke and the other was going to the beach with Jack.

The really sad news is that Charlie is dead. He drowned while making sure the rest of us would be rescued. We are all in shock.

Over the course of the next few days, a number of people "switched camps" (some several times). I don't have any idea WHY but I will tell you this, just HEARING Minkowski on the phone was enough to make me want to stay at the beach.

Actually, there are some people from the freighter among us now. Charlotte, a red-headed anthropologist who has a bit of an attitude and Daniel, who seems to be a very kind-hearted scientist - maybe a physicist of some kind. They keep to themselves and only seem to talk to Jack and a few others. That's fine, as long as their people show up, I am happy.

I think Christmas was a few days ago. No one seemed to care enough to talk about it - maybe because simple milestones like surviving the night are enough to celebrate.

The last few days have been very confusing - people coming and going from the beach. I thought I heard a helicopter fly overhead a couple of days ago and then Sayid came TO the island on a small motorboat! He was going to take people back to the freighter and then instead, took off into the jungle! Jin took a group of people out to the freighter and came back for more. I think I will be on the next boat. Oh I hope so!