Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Withdrawal - week two

We're heading around the corner and easing into week two. Can we REALLY say we're through the LOST withdrawal? I know that as much as I would love to deny it, I am still in the throes. While thoughts of LOST don't creep into my every waking moment, I do consider different plot points now and then.

It is generally an accepted theory that there are seven stages of grief. While I can't pretend that living without a television show is comparable to losing a loved one, I think that perhaps we might find we have our own list.

So as we continue with our numbers game, and discussing theories (because the numbers game is really just part distraction from our "loss"), consider what might make the list of "seven stages of LOST withdrawal" and add them in the comments.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Withdrawal - week one

For a brief moment this morning, I thought, "Oh it is LOST day!" Then I realized, that while Wednesday might forever be called LOST day, there is no new LOST today. *sigh*

I plan to spend tonight watching The Incident again tonight.

How are YOU dealing with the withdrawal?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Incident

It's here. The final LOST day of 2009. It is bittersweet, really. It will be exciting to see the season finale, to get a few more answers, to set the stage for the final season.

But at the same time, the episode marks the end of the light that makes Wednesdays almost better than Fridays - a time when pretty much anything can be shaken off with the knowledge that a new episode of LOST will be on. Thursday marks the first day of the dark time. A time when life's luster is just a little less brilliant; when one week becomes another with nothing special to mark the midweek bump; the first day of about 250 LOSTless days.

Still, we'll have DVD's, maybe a Tillie game or two, some trivia, and each other to help us through the bleak period known as the final hiatus.

But let's look on the bright side... we have THREE HOURS OF LOST tonight! Whoo hoo! Bring it ON! Oh Mylanta! Go Jack! Go Sawyer! Go Ben!

Go Damon!
Go Carlton!

Let's get...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Follow the Leader

It will take quite a lot to live up to last week's episode, but with only three hours of original programming left in the season, it is possible.

Follow the Leader likely deals with Jack leading the LOSTies to safety and / or Locke fulfilling his destiny by leading the Others. However, in the interest of discovering some other possibility, here is what I found on online:

Follow the Leader is, of course, a children's activity game

Follow the Leader was the name of a number of films
~~ a comedy short filmed in 1901
~~ a comedy short filmed in 1928
~~ a romantic musical comedy filmed in 1930
~~ a musical short from 1951
~~ a film starring Barbara Jo Allen released in 1953
~~ a drama released in 2001

Follow the leader, a type of participation dance

Follow-the-leader, a drill used by marching bands

Follow the Leader was the name of a song and 1988 album by hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim

Follow the Leader was the name of a 1998 album by rock band Korn

"Follow the Leader" was a song in the 1953 film Peter Pan

These are not much help, I'm thinking! LOL