Thursday, July 24, 2008

67 Days Out
If we were on the island...

Another eventful few days... it seems like there is always something amazing going on around here. They caught a man and had him locked in the hatch! He said his name was Henry Gale and he was flying in a hot air balloon and crashed on the island. Pretty much EVERYONE tried to interrogate him, but only Ana-Lucia was able to get him to draw a map to his crashed hot-air balloon. Then she, Sayid and Charlie went looking for the hot-air balloon. They found it, and the grave where Henry said he buried his wife... only it was the REAL Henry Gale's body that was there, so we know this guy with the crazy eyes is an OTHER!

Michael came back. Kate and Jack went to meet the others to try to trade Henry for Walt and instead, Michael stumbled out of the jungle. He was pretty shook up.

I heard through the grapevine that Sun is pregnant. I think we all knew before her husband Jin! And Hurley and Libby had been getting pretty serious. Hurley planned a picnic on the beach with her and everything. Poor guy, he had it bad for her.

I say HAD because Libby and Ana-Lucia were shot! Michael was too, but he survived. And Henry Gale got away. At Libby and Ana-Lucia's funeral, Sun saw a boat. For about thirty minutes, we were all excited, until we found out it was Desmond's boat.

Then Michael took Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to go get Walt back from the Others. I heard Sayid say something about being compromised and then he, Jin and Sun sailed Desmond's boat around to the other side of the island. Then, if that isn't weird enough, Locke went crazy and decided to stop pushing the button. Eko went equally crazy and took some of the left over dynamite and blew up the hatch. Then, a few minutes later, the ground started shaking, the whole sky went violet and there was this mind-numbing noise.

So Michael, Walt, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Sayid, Eko, Locke and Desmond are all missing. Ana-Lucia and Libby are dead. Only Charlie, Claire, Rose and Bernard are left at the beach to keep everyone in line. I like the four of them, but all of our "trusted leaders" are gone and I am feeling a little uneasy. I hope they come back soon and start telling us what the HECK is happening on this island!

: ) P

Monday, July 14, 2008

55 Days Out
If we were on the island...

So MUCH has happened in the last ten days! Kate, then Locke, then Jack all went down into the hatch. There was a crazy English man called Desmond down there. Kate said it seemed as if he and Jack knew each other! And there are supplies down there! Food, soap, a bed, running water, electricity and a washer and dryer (which somehow seem much more modern than anything else)! And a computer, that beeps every 108 minutes until someone enters a code (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42) which REALLY freaks Hurley out. When Desmond thought the computer was beyond repair, he ran away, leaving us with the computer and the buttons. Who knows where he went off to?

And the people from the raft are back! It seems that some scary dude with a beard was on a little boat and kidnapped Walt! And shot Sawyer! Then blew up the raft! Jin, Michael and Sawyer all made it back to our island, but were kidnapped as well. Only the people who kidnapped them were also survivors of flight 815, in the tail section. There were really scared because many of the people in their camp (including two children) had been kidnapped and it turns out these "Others" had a spy in their camp! Ana-Lucia, this really strong LAPD cop killed the guy, but until they were sure that Michael, Jin and Sawyer were not also spies, they kept them prisoner.

Eventually, they made their way across the island to find our group. These "tailies" (Hurley's name for them) include Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko (a dark, brooding priest with a dark, brooding history), Libby (a kind and pretty shrink, on whom Hurley's got a crush), Cindy (whom we never met because she disappeared on the journey here - maybe the Others got her, too!), and Bernard! Dear sweet Rose was finally reunited with her husband!

Unfortunately, though, that reunion was overshadowed by yet another death among us. During a terrible rainstorm on the way to our side of the island, Ana-Lucia (who was among many to hear some weird whispers in the jungle) accidentally shot and killed Shannon. Sayid and Shannon had become close and her death hit him very hard.

A couple of days later, Michael locked Jack and Locke in the hatch and took off to try to get Walt back. Sawyer, Locke and Jack went after him, as did Kate, on her own. They ran into some of these Others including the scary dude with the beard. They held Kate captive and told Jack to stand down or they would kill her. It sounds as if there are a lot of them and they are well armed. We are all a little scared.

Then, Eko saw the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie had and went a little psycho. He made Charlie lead him to the plane and do you know what he found on that plane? His BROTHER's body! His brother's plane had crashed on the same island. Too spooky. But he didn't see all that until AFTER he saw the smoke monster. THE SMOKE MONSTER!

You know what is weird though? Nobody ever TALKS about all these crazy things they see. I have to overhear private conversations just to have ANY idea what is going on around here. If I saw any of this crazy crap, I would be telling EVERYONE! Shannon and Sayid saw Walt. Kate saw a horse. Jack saw his dead father. Charlie and Eko saw the smoke monster. Why isn't anyone comparing NOTES!?

If I ever get off this island, and make these notes into a movie, no one would believe it! You never know what is going to happen next on this island!

: ) P

Friday, July 4, 2008

45 Days Out
If we were on the island...

A kind of whiny science teacher, Arzt, told us that monsoon season is coming and that the raft needs to be launched right away, so there was a concerted effort by many of the survivors to get it finished and on the way. Then Michael got really sick! Jack thinks he was poisoned, but no one knows how. He recovered quickly so Sawyer, Jin and Walt joined him on the raft. We all hope they have enough supplies to get them safely rescued so they can come back for us!

Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley and Arzt have gone on a wild goose chase to find "supplies" and the rest of us were supposed to go up to the caves. It seems that Rousseau has heard more whispers and seen black smoke and she thinks "others" are coming for us. I heard something about a hatch and dynamite, but things are so crazy around here, I don't know what to think.

Sayid was leading the rest of us towards the cave when Charlie came running up saying that Rousseau was on the beach and needed him. Then we all heard a scream and ran back to the beach to find Claire with a head wound and her baby missing. Rousseau kidnapped him! Charlie and Sayid ran into the jungle to find the baby.

We've heard that strange scary sound in the jungle again, as well as several explosions. Someone said that Arzt blew himself up because they really DID find dynamite (on an old slave ship called the Black Rock) and used some of it to blow the door off this hatch. I can't WAIT to find out what the HECK is down there!

Sayid and a yet-again-injured Charlie came back with Aaron (that's what Claire has named the baby) safe and sound. Now we just have to wait and see what happens to the people on the raft.

: ) P