Monday, November 3, 2008

New Promo

Just when we were finally starting to get LOST out of our system, ABC released a new promo. Enjoy:

It requires a lot of views to take everything in, so don't worry about seeing "too much" the first time around. But since it is released by ABC, I consider it to be spoiler-free.

There is another version, which includes the actors' voices. The promo is much better. Instead of having to sit through the inane Hallowe'en costume clip, just put your mouse over the center of the frame and then click on the white arrow which points to the right.

UPDATE (Edited 11/7/08): The promo below now has a different 30 second promo, followed by the inane Hallowe'en clip. The FF arrows are gone, as apparently is the "old" promo.

: ) P